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Gear Labels

$9.95 gets you 29 labels in 3 different sizes, on your choice of 9 fade-resistant colors.

Volume discounts:
Buy 3-9 sets and get 20% off the total order
Buy 10 or more sets and get 30% off the entire order

3 sizes = label everything

Do you rent your studio equipment out, or share space or A/V gear with friends or fellow musicians? Make sure all your stuff has an IDmyStuff® label on it. The three different sizes mean that you can find one that will fit no matter what the item is.

Color-code your gear

Color-code your cables so you can tell DMX from XLR at a glance, or use different colors of IDmyStuff® labels to keep your gear separate from everyone else’s. Nine colors to choose from – white lettering on red, black, green, blue, teal, pink, or lavender, or black lettering on yellow or white for maximum contrast.

Heat, water, and fade resistant labels

These labels are durable; heat, cold, bright light, and even moisture won’t faze them – they’re even dishwasher-safe. We know of 10-year old IDmyStuff® labels still on the job. Because of this durability, people will be able to return your lost or misplaced equipment for years to come (as long as your contact info is still good). Protect your studio gear today.

If you need serial numbers or barcoding, our parent company has you covered.
See’s Asset Tags for additional options.

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